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S & B Ventures is a BBB Accredited Handyman Service in Wichita, KS

S&B Ventures will be relocating to Oroville, California. Our last work day in Wichita, KS will be April 29, 2016. We want to Thank all of you for your support. We have made many friends during our time here and would like to keep in touch. Check back here for updates and on our Facebook page, (just click on Find us on Facebook, above).
Update for our Wichita Ks and surrounding area customers:
Good Morning Wichita!
I had a chance to speak with a fellow handyman operating here in Wichita. I met him on a job he was working on and the work was very good. He has a work setup in a trailer that he pulls and is a basic shop on wheels. I was impressed! I explained our business and concern for our customers. It is not possible to replace me (LOL) but Steven seems to be a close match. Give him a call for your needs here in Wichita! I will attach his contact information below!

Welcome to S & B Ventures
Our company supplies affordable home services to the Wichita Kansas Metro and surrounding area. Our company has experience totaling 30 plus years in the home building and maintenance industries. S & B offers a solution to homeowners experiencing financial stresses as well. We strive to assist you in taking care of those projects and problem areas around the house that need attention. Contact us and schedule a meeting.
Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to working with you and taking care of those needy items. 
Follow my blog about home issues that I just started 12/6/14
S & B is forming a new service to assist homeowners in finding a solution to their problems. We have witnessed local homeowners struggling to keep their homes and or credit alive. With a bump in the local economy financial health is difficult to say the least. We have begun organizing a service which will offer win/win solutions to homeowners who are struggling to hang on due to divorce, job loss, job move, sickness, and any other reason making keeping the home difficult. We will be working with the homeowners to offer solutions that will keep their future on a positive direction.  
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